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Week 1, Game 2

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We played the worst team in the league and beat them 48-2.

Truthfully, it wasn't even *that* close. Our QB had an injured finger so the shotgun was a little off (and the center tried to compensate for it, making it even worse). It didn't matter. Heck, it actually worked to our advantage. When the QB did drop the ball, he simply read where the defenders were and took it to the house. By my unofficial stats, the shortest non-extra point run was 12 yards. The next shortest was 32.

I know that I should be happy with that performance, but I'm not. Since the referees only let one coach on the field, I had to try to line up the kids from the sideline. They took forever to get set and the left side refuses to stay on their track, despite drilling it over and over again. It got so bad that I'm going to discuss lineup changes tomorrow (we play the No. 1 team). Would've done it yesterday, but our header was out of town, so he had me run practice. 

And, yes, I'm still frustrated that I wasn't a head coach this year. The team we played had some talented kids. However, it was evident that they spent most of their time working on offense -- a spread with two RB's. Every snap was a moonball, which resulted in a ton of sacks. While I'm not saying I could "take his'n and beat your'n", I wonder how it would have worked if the other team moved under center and gave us a steady diet of Power and ISO, while moving the contain men against air. It certainly would've been a closer contest.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've need to go guide Gap-Down-Backer into last place into the Dumcoach Fantasy Football League...


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