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What's your postseason look like?

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First off, been too long since Ive been on here.  Second, enjoyed the afternoon catching up on missed material.  Mahonz, always a great read on your season progress.  Third, no Disney so what is your area doing?

We are essentially doing just Eastern Regionals and that's it.  Seems somewhat abbreviated though as I dont think there is as broad a reach.  NJ and Eastern PA instead of the broader size.  My 14u has been strong this year, not the juggernaut of last year but deeper though less skilled.

We had our AYF town program cancel their season so a bunch of those boys came over to play with us.  Took a couple of games for the boys to start to gel and learn a new system but it has been dominance since starting 1-1.  Six games later and my little defense has given up 12 points over that stretch.  I had them running 4-4 but ran into 5 straight weeks of DTDW, so had 5-3 in our back pocket from the get go as another look but have been running that with more consistent success.

Hoping to play til Thanksgiving, but curious what everyone else's states are doing.

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League said no playoffs for our age group (4th grade). "Play your 8 games and be happy about it". Same thing for 5th grade. Playoffs scheduled for 6th-8th.

Mahonz organized a post season tournament that turned into a festival type thing due to several teams dropping out. 5th graders did the same thing. 

Then Thursday, County dropped a new, more restrictive order, so the league cancelled playoffs. Since they did not sanction the 4th and 5th, we continued and did our thing. 5th moved theirs to a neighboring county so that the new restrictions didn't affect them. We played day 1 with no spectators, which was refreshing, but not the same. Hard to describe, really. Sunday, the parks and rec changed their minds and spectators were back. 

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Greetings Coaches

Our league championship game ended our season, we’d ‘won’ the right to coach the ‘all-stars’ in post season tournament play, but having done it the last 3 yrs (against a lot of resistance) we declined.  The all-stars have won 2 of 4 games in tournament play so far.   I’m not missing the drama, and am happy for the kids that they’ve won a couple games.

Wanted some time to decompress before getting into my post-season / off-season routine. 

After our post-season awards party…

1st:  Review season and evaluate our coaching this past yr.    Primarily in the areas of:

  1. Practice management
  2. Game management
  3. Player development
  4. What do we need to do better as coaches?


2nd :  General research

  1. Look into what’s out there, what others are doing, what we might want to copy. (my wife lets me spend $100/ off season on books and such, - lots of good deals on used books are available. Most I pass these on when I’m done)
  2. Review our O and D schemes and re-educate ourselves on what we do
  3. Glazier Clinic in Indy (If they have it)


3rd:  set up our agenda for off-season coach’s meetings

  1. we’re going to offer a permanent spot to one of the young parents who helped this yr. Class act, good head on his shoulders, and he’s gotten bit by the coaching bug.  So, there’ll be at least 3 of us.  We'd like to have someone ready if / when one or both of us step down.
  2. Some the parents who helped and are coming back will be there, 
  3. We usually get a couple of the parents who are moving up with their kids to come back to these meetings … Don’t underestimate the value of exit interviews (Unless the exitee is leaving under a cloud, then it just becomes an opportunity for them to vent)


4th:  Get feed back from the Pee Wee coaches on the kids coming up in next yr’s draft.  Some are more reliable than others, but we want to get their take on the kids.

Looking forward to hearing what others do in the post & off-season

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Looking forward to hearing what others do in the post & off-season

We haven't even started our regular season.


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I will fill everyone in on our postseason when the season ends at the end of March/early April depending on snow days and schedule changes.  Looks like our numbers are going to surge up this season so I won't have to deal with a 14 player roster playing games in 97 degree/100% humidity weather.  Going to be different.

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Third, no Disney so what is your area doing?

Harvesting the fields.  Corn mazes.  Canning.  Drying fruit. Deer season.  Make Jerky. 

Umm.... why does that 6 ft tall 9 yr old have a goatee...?

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My youth stuff is done both lost semifinal playoff games.  For those I just tipped my hat and say "if you need help again just call". 


The high schools are still going but one had their "last" home game on Fri night the other just had the their second game of the season so I'm all over the place trying to help where I can and get these kids I'm the weight room as frequently as possible. 

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We have an open week this weekend because a team folded mid season, and then we start playoffs the week after. We are the number 2 seed, and are playing the number 3 seed, who we beat 12-6 in the regular season. We expect a dog fight, but we are just happy to be playing. 

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It would be fun to think the team, to help keep together in the absence of a season, would've arranged a post-season party as usual, but I'm sure the prevailing Covid-19 conditions that made them decide to call off the season would preclude a party.  When are we going to feel safe enough to crawl out of this hole, huh?  Look at the European countries digging deeper into one for November!  Some thought cynically that election day might be a turning point, but since it seems to be a worldwide phenomenon, no such luck.